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Experiences in Lucknow

A History Filled Evening At La Martiniere
This historic 19th century college can be seen through new eyes as you partake in a sumptuous high tea, learn about Major General Claude Martin – the institution’s founder. The high point is the role played by this college in Indian history – during the First War of Independence, 1857.
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Heritage And Victorian Walks
Some cities evoke an inexplicable longing of the past. Paris always comes to mind, but with every step further into the historic labyrinth of Akabari Chowk or the erstwhile Victorian Era British Market, the only story you’d wish to be a part of, is the profoundly colourful one of Lucknow.
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Culinary Delight At The Poolside
Palms dance to your tune. Marble statues dare you to gaze at them. Fountains and a starry night compete for your attention. Our chef’s bespoke menu of traditional and continental grills is just a bonus. And what a bonus it is!
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