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Experiences in Andamans

The crystal clear turquoise waters of the Andaman’s are home to one of the richest coral reef ecosystems in the world, where over 135 marine species thrive, thanks to an unusually low diving impact. The best diving sites on the archipelago are concentrated on Havelock Island, from Minerva Ledge with a massive, thick-lipped Napoleon Wrasse in residence, to the gently sloping Neil’s Cove and the famous Johnny’s Gorge where massive Manta Rays, coral-chomping Humpback Parrotfish, flamboyant Lionfish, Stingrays and Blue Stripped Snappers abound, divers are always assured of left mesmerizing underwater vistas. For wreck diving fans, the MV Mars site near Havelock is a relaxed 15 meter dive through the remains of a 2006 boat wreck. The resort facilitates itineraries for beginners to professionals – including Bubblemaker sessions for young children - to experience the most magical moments that the island has to offe
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A free-flowing, stimulating medley of activities for our young guests, Junior Islander channels children’s curious minds and insatiable energy, allowing parents the luxury of time to relax and pamper indulge in the resort’s gastronomic and spa offerings. From picking mud apple and mangoes in our orchard, supervised pre-scuba Bubblemaker sessions in the pool to shell-craft and art lessons in the brightly-lit Recreation Centre, there’s plenty to do and learn. Our naturalist organises easy treks in the forests and fun beach picnics – with gourmet hampers from the kitchens – that initiate children into the delightful biodiversity of the region, one of the most fragile in the world. Between chasing hermit crabs, spotting frisky emerald geckos and learning to identify the indigenous trees and flowers, the kids are primed to become true blue islanders during their stay.
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Unearth more such natural wonders by following a forest trail with our naturalist who will introduce you to the exotic flora and fauna thriving in Andaman’s enchanted forest. Who knows? Maybe you will be lucky enough to spot the shy. White Collared Kingfisher. Take this magical trail for 2 full hours. Ask for our schedules at the front desk. It’s a walk in the forest that will stay with you forever.
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The Andamans is a virgin, world-class destination for fishing and angling with an environmental-friendly catch-and-release policy. We give our guests a head start with laidback to adrenaline-pumping itineraries for everyone from passionate anglers to rookies. Getting into well-equipped boats at the Havelock Island jetty, the crew begins setting up fishing rods, helping you get comfortable with them and begin trolling within 10 minutes of leaving the shore. Moving between Peel Island and Nicholson Island, you can start jigging and popping for huge Red Snappers, a variety of Groupers, Coral Trout, Swordfish, Spanish Mackerel, Trevally, Sailfish, Wahoo, Marlin, Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and Bonito. The fishing season runs from October through May, but you can snare GT’s and doggies all year round. Longer trips – especially to Barren Island, the only active volcano in South Asia, 98 kms from Havelock – can be organized on request
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Named after the jagged, black rocks strewn along the coastline, Kalapathar beach offers an isolated destination for trekking amongst exposed root tangles of 100-year old trees and aged driftwood carved into captivating designs by the after effects of the Tsunami, creating a unique, moorish landscape, dotted with shells. After the trek, the Kalapathar lagoon just before Butler Bay, offers a beautiful secluded spot for swimming and great ocean views through a cave in the cliff face.
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