Signature Experiences

From the blues of idyllic lakes, to the silver of playful brooks and mighty waterfalls, to the earthy browns of undulating hills, to the greens of pine forests, to the purples of orchids, to the pale pinks of cherry blossoms, to the night neon of rock shows, Shillong is a land of many colours. Come experience all of them.

Treats of the Streets

Police Bazar is a haven for Shillong’s hipsters and a magnet for both millennials and the young-at-heart. Explore the area’s bustling shops and galleries and then cap your outing with the city’s longest buffet at our Hotel. One that celebrates Shillong’s street food (think smoked meats, jadoh rice, momos and more) as well as popular global favourites.

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Starry Starry Nights

As the sun disappears among the hills and the evening shadows lengthen and the stars take a shine to Shillong, our chefs will lay out a lavish feast for you. One that will wind its way through delicacies, local and global. From hearty soups to smoked meats, from vegetarian delights to flavourful seafood, from Gulab Jamun to decadent Tiramisu.

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Perched atop a forested river valley, Cherrapunjee is marked by silvery waterfalls, carpets of green and ancient caves. This land of oranges has the most breathtaking scenery that is best enjoyed while tucking into a delicious picnic breakfast / lunch specially packed for you. The oldest church in North-East India, the much venerated Nongsawlia, is also in the vicinity.

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The Crystal River of Dawki

Located on the border of India and Bangladesh, this region is a paradise for nature lovers. Fluttering butterflies, birds on song, striking rock formations and the clearest water you’ll ever see have made the Dawki River a hub of eco-tourism. The crystalline lucidity of the river allows one to see the life teeming underwater with startling clarity.

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Picnic in the Scotland of the East

Trek through green meadows to the cloud-capped Laitlum Canyon. Explore the Mawphlang David Scott Hiking Trail whose 16 kilometres will take you past pine forests, breathtaking rock formations and beautiful villages that reflect the richness of Khasi culture. Or just cross the road for an outing to Ward’s Lake. Whatever you choose to do, our specially curated picnic baskets will greatly enhance your experience.

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The Wettest Place on Earth

Surrounded by the hills on three sides, Mawsynram, the wettest place on earth, is cloaked in greenery and awash with waterfalls. Mawsynram’s flora and fauna, relentless rainfall, and local innovations – like Khups, rain gear made from bamboo, reeds and leaves, and grass roofs that keep out the rain and insulate against its loud sound – are truly unique.

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