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The tropical Langkawi islands, nestled in the Andaman Sea, demand your surrender to languor. Allow yourself to be dazzled by the sun, sea and surf. Great views, great food and great shopping are on the menu, and it’s all cloaked in easy luxury to give you an unforgettable holiday.

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Concierge Recommends

Langkawi Cable Car
Open :9:30 AM-7:00 PM
Head up on the Langkawi Cable car for great views over the islands. The ride is a treat as it swiftly takes you 700 metres above sea level to the marvellous viewing stations, and the descent promises as much of a thrill.
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Underwater World
The sea is an essential component of the Langkawi experience, and at Underwater World, you can get up close with the local marine life without donning a wetsuit. Watch rays and sharks swim above you in the 180° viewing tunnel, and don’t miss the penguin colonies or the adorable Southern fur seals.
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Enjoy The NightLife
For a change of pace head away from the beaches to the Pantai Cenang strip, Langkawi’s hip, neon-studded street. This is where you will find restaurants and bars where you could let your hair down and show off that well-earned tan.
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Buy like a local
Open :5:30 am-10:00 pm
The travelling Kuah night market is the perfect destination to experience the local flavours of Langkawi. The shopping and the local food and drink encounters is bound to be one of a kind.
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Take A Sea Jacuzzi
For an inimitable experience, settle yourself, with a cold beer in hand, into the nets trailing behind the catamarans for a relaxing saltwater ‘jacuzzi’ in the Andaman Sea. There is dancing, free-flowing drinks and a barbecue waiting on board once the sun makes its fiery descent.
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Take on the Andaman Sea on a jet-ski
Choose a beginner’s tour if you have never jet-skied before or an adrenaline-pumping intermediate one if you have – either way, you will thoroughly enjoy the feel of the powerful machine below you as you roar past the islands of the Langkawi archipelago.
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Shop till you drop
Open :9:00 am-10:00 pm
Langkawi is a duty-free shopping destination, which means you really get your money’s worth on your purchases. Start your spree at the Kompleks HiG in Kuah, where, chocolate prices will easily beat the best airport duty-free rates.
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Double Up On Duty-Free
Open :10:00 AM-10:00 PM
Langkawi’s duty-free status means you can shop to your heart’s content. Prices are generally far lower than at the aiport; the locals refer to the shopping here as ‘Double duty free’. Komplex HiG in Kuah is well-known for the variety of chocolate available.
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Sail the Andaman Sea at sunset
Book yourself an experience on one of the catamarans that come with trailing nets to offer you a sea jacuzzi experience as it trawls gently through the water. By night, you can also enjoy dancing and a barbeque dinner on board.
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Take a ride on the Langkawi Cable Car
Open :10:00 am-7:00 pm
The ride upwards on this iconic attraction is as breath-taking as the views you get from the platforms 700 metres above sea level and that is not all! The swift descent from there provides a theme park-like thrill on your way back.
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Visit the ocean at Underwater World
Open :10:00 am-6:00 pm
The 180-degree viewing tunnel at this popular attraction will have rays and mantas swimming above your head – even if you otherwise stay on land your entire time in Langkawi. You can also enjoy the cute Rockhopper and African penguins and the Southern fur seals.
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Jet Ski In The Andaman Sea
Hit the waves for a tour of the Andaman Sea by jet-ski. Cruise past the islands at a gentle pace on a beginner’s tour, or race past at adrenaline-pumping speed if you are an expert. Expect to visit Dayang Bunting, paddle in the clear waters and watch the eagles which the islands are named for.
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Check Out The Crafts At Kompleks Kraf
Open :10:00 AM-6:00 PM
If you are looking to access all of Langkawi’s local craft products in one place, Kompleks Kraf is the perfect stop. From batik fabrics and garments, to hand-woven cloth, plaited-fibre and metal artefacts, everything that you can think of is all found under a single roof at this colourful centre
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Lake Of The Pregnant Maiden
Legend has it that women who take a dip in this intriguingly-named lake are bestowed with fertility. Found on Dayang Bunting Island, you can access the lake by jet-ski or boat. If you prefer to stay on solid ground, there is a boardwalk that runs halfway around the lake.
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Dip your toes in a freshwater lake
Sail out or take a jet-ski to Dayang Bunting Island to gaze at the freshwater body called Lake Guillemard. You could choose to climb down a few hundred steps to dip your feet in the lake, or stay out of the water on the boardwalk that goes halfway around it.
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Pick up local handicrafts
Open :10:00 am-6:00 pm
Batik fabric and garments, hand-woven cloth, fibre-plaited artefacts and metal art pieces make great souvenirs from Langkawi. And they are just as easily available under a single roof at Kompleks Kraf. If you are lucky, you may possibly witness live craft demonstrations as an added bonus.
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Hit The Kuah Night Markets
Open :7:00 AM-10:00 PM
Absorb the energy and local flavours of the night markets, held at different venues across town on different days of the week. Stores brim with local food and drink, kitschy souvenirs and all the trimmings that make night markets spectacularly colourful.
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