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Guwahati’s youthful and eclectic vibe finds an upscale home at Octave, our splendid lounge bar. Hotel guests join the city’s glitterati for evenings of epic partying at this free-spirited venue. Sink into the plush leather sofas surrounded by mood lighting and house music, or stroll out with a drink in hand to the al fresco area where the moonbeams, breeze and city lights create a magical atmosphere. Our young and innovative bartenders whip up addictive cocktails using exciting local ingredients like the record-breaking, red hot bhut jholakia pepper and the queen of citrus fruits, kaji nimu. Regular patrons kick back with a Long Assamese Ice Tea or the other house favourite, Choconutty Martini (muddled peanuts, hazelnut syrup, chocolate and bourbon) while the kitchen sends out a rally of gourmet small bites – including all season hits like Tobajan Mushrooms and Wasabi Prawns - from the Chef’s Bar menu. Down several rounds of shots at the bar with a merry gang of friends, take a pan-India trip with our city based cocktails or discuss the extensive wine and single malt whisky lists with our sommelier in the company of other oenophiles; Octave sets the tone for all your party moods and needs.

Cuisine - Bar Menu
Timings - 01:00 PM - 12 :00 AM
Dress code - Smart Casual
Average Price for 2 people
Octave Bar and Lounge at Vivanta Guwahati
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