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Art and History
Explore the Hidden Marvels of Guwahati with a Stay at Taj Hotels

The gateway to the mystical Northeast, Guwahati is a bustling city that blends old-world charm with the modern. Absorb the culture that is unique to this region, track an Indian rhino, or sample some tea as you embrace the Colonial way of life.

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Guwahati Zoo
Open :9:00 AM-5:00 PM
The Guwahati Zoo, also known as the Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden, is spread across 432 acres of the Hengrabari Reserved Forest in Guwahati. Among the more remarkable features of this zoo are the beautiful orchids that bloom here and the breeding programme for the endangered golden langur.
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Kamakhya Temple
Open :8:00 AM-5:00 PM
The Kamakhya temple is one of the oldest and most hallowed of the Hindu Shakti Peethas, or temples dedicated to the Goddess Shakti. Its unique architectural style, featuring a cruciform base with a domed top, inspired the Nilachal type of temple architecture.
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Bring Home Local Art
The state-operated Artfed emporium offers a selection of wickerwork, bell metal and terracotta handicrafts and carved rhinoceros, all at great rates. It is a good place at which to buy some souvenirs with which to remember your trip.
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Indulge In Muga Silks
A length of lustrous Muga silk is an essential purchase from Guwahati. Found only in Assam, Muga silk is known for its sheen and durability. You can find saris and stoles fashioned with this material at any of the shops in Guwahati’s centre.
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Treat Yourself To Some Of The Worlds Best Tea
Assamese tea has a reputation that precedes it, and you will find a variety of teas on offer in and around Guwahati. You will find the best rates at government-approved outlets.
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Say a prayer at the Kamakhya Temple
Open :5:30 am-10:00 pm
The Kamakhya Temple is one of Guwahati’s landmarks, and is one of the most revered of all temples dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Shakti. In fact, its cruciform base topped by a dome, is considered to be an inspiration for the Nilachal style of temple architecture.
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Explore The Wilderness
Open :5:15 AM-3:30 PM
Head out early to the spectacular Kaziranga National Park, and with a bit of luck, you might spot a few of the regal creatures that call it home. Kaziranga is home to the largest population of the endangered Indian one-horned rhino, and also has the densest tiger population of any protected forest.
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Top up your tea knowledge
Assamese tea is highly prized across the world, and you cannot leave Guwahati without visiting one of the plantations that grow this prized crop. Travel outside the city and learn about what makes this tea so special before tasting some samples.
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Spot a rare rhino
Open :7:00 am-3:30 pm
Kaziranga National Park is home to the largest population of the endangered Indian one-horned rhino in the world, and a trip here offers perhaps the best chances of seeing one in the wild. You might also spot a tiger on a safari in this lush forest.
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Take home some tea
Open :10:00 am-4:00 pm
The government-approved tea outlets in Guwahati sell a variety of Assamese teas at great rates. If you do not find what you are looking for at the tea estates, this is a good place at which to buy yourself some Assamese tea.
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Have A Cultural Afternoon
Open :10:00 AM-7:30 PM
Spend an afternoon at the Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra complex to gain an insight into Assamese arts and culture. You will find places of worship, an open-air theatre that regularly hosts performances, an Artists’ Village and two museums that are repositories of Assamese artefacts.
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Marvel at gorgeous orchids
Open :8:00 am-4:30 pm
A visit to the Guwahati Zoo promises to be rewarding. Also called the Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden, it sprawls across 432 acres of a reserved forest in the city. Apart from seeing the lovely orchids that are the star attraction here, there is also a breeding programme for the endangered golden langur.
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Take In Some Tea
Open :10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Northeast India is prime tea country, and any trip here would be incomplete without a visit to one of tea plantations that produce the famous Assamese Tea. Venture outside Guwahati to explore a gorgeous plantation and indulge in a tea-tasting session.
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Experience the intriguing Navagraha Temple
Open :4:00 am-9:00 pm
The Navagraha Temple, set atop a hill outside Guwahati, is dedicated to the nine Grahas or celestial bodies as per Hindu astronomy. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple houses a Shivalingam that represents the sun, surrounded by eight others that symbolise the other celestial bodies.
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