About Chitwan

Bharatpur, along with the neighbouring city of Narayangarh, collectively constitutes Nepal's third-largest metropolitan area. Positioned in the heart of South Central Nepal, Bharatpur serves as a pivotal junction along the bustling transport corridor connecting Kathmandu to North India. It has swiftly risen to prominence as Nepal's fastest-growing city, emerging as a bustling nexus for trade and education.

Bharatpur is also the gateway to Chitwan National Park, hailed as one of South Asia's premier wildlife sanctuaries. This renowned park, located nearby, is famous for its diverse fauna, including the one-horned rhinoceros, Asiatic elephant, tiger, and abundant avian species.

Adding to Bharatpur's allure is its status as the cultural epicentre of the indigenous Tharu tribe. The Tharu people's rich heritage and traditions are deeply intertwined with the region's lush jungles and fertile landscapes.