Unique Dining

Langkawi is an ever evolving, ever changing cluster of islands and the restaurants at Vivanta Rebak Island, Langkawi certainly keep up – they are among the top restaurants in Langkawi. Enjoy meals at Senari, Strait’s Grill and SY69 or pick a cocktail at our lounge bar, Minum Minum. With the ocean as a backdrop, you can savour imaginative cuisine accompanied by "off-the-plate" surprises.
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Executive Chef

Meet the man who conceived our delightful menus. With over a decade of experience across several leading Taj Group hotels, Executive Chef Ganesh from Vivanta Rebak Island, Langkawi is a true culinary artist. One who has gone back in time to uncover traditional cooking secrets and bring them to the table. You can see his love for his art as he leads an enthusiastic team. The list of international heads of state and celebrities that Chef Ganesh has cooked for is too long to fit here. Enjoy his finger-lickin’ cooking, at Vivanta Rebak Island, Langkawi.

Contact: Ganesh
Email: ganeshkumar.murthy@tajhotels.com